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Open-Up at HDK-Valand
Filmmaking Workshop

OPEN UP is a project to build visibility and experience for under-represented artists, designers, craftspeople and performers. We work to support creative makers and performers who face obstacles in building their arts practice or who are seeking access to further education or support networks.

I taught a two-day workshop on filmmaking and editing at the Open Up platform, at the Gothenburg University, HDK-Vland Academy of Art and Design in 2023.

Open Up.jpg

Sol-Kissed Bokashi
Artistic Research

Sol-Kissed Bokashi is an artistic research, reflecting on solar energy and alternative chemical processes in photography. It is an exploration on sustainable material reuse in still photography. Using Bokashi, a composting chemical, I enhanced C-41 to revive expired slide film, revealing thought-provoking latent images that inspire new perspectives on our world.

The research was published in the Research Catalogue through the AWESOME ARARAT project in June 2023.


Scented Rooms
Artistic Research

The exposition Scented Rooms aims to be a form of resistance that finds itself in poetry and politics, poetic imagery, re-thinking censored archives, existential reflections on photography and cinema, and dance. At the very core of the research is an important historic icon in Iran; The country's oldest theater which was burnt down by extremists during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, closed forever and has decayed over time.

Scented Rooms VIS Issue 9 Artistic Research Square Format.jpg

Haft Honar
Teaching film

I've been teaching filmmaking, photography and cinematography at Haft Honar Institute of Cinema since 2016. It's been a great experience teaching in an institution with a dynamic syllabus. It's a great opportunity every year to meet new students with their ideas and to find new ways and methods, besides experimentation.

Haft honar copy.jpg

Twan  Conference

The TWAN conference was held by the Amir Kabir university of Technology, reflecting on Astrophotography in 2018.

I had a lecture on the role of analogue material and its characteristics in the field.

Twan copy 2.jpg

Shine a Light

I published a booklet together with a short essay for Ali Loghmani DOP, at the Nahal Short Film Festival in 2018, while they were commemorating him as a great cinematographer in Iranian cinema history and a teacher in the field.

Loghmani's Booklet.jpg

The Ritual of Light

I was the editor of the book The Ritual of Light. We published it as an article and interview collection about Ali Hatami, one of the most important figures of Iranian cinema history. The book was published in 2014 at the University of Art in Tehran.

Ali Hatami's Book.jpg

Interview Article
On still photography

This was an interview article by 24 Frames news agency which was active in the field of short filmmaking in Iran. The interview was published in 2019.

Language: Farsi

24 Frames news interview.jpg

Padidar Magazine
Interview Article

This was an interview by Padidar Magazine, a digital magazine published by students of cinema at Tehran University of Arts.

Padidar mag.jpg

Lomography Workshop
Analogue Photography

This was a workshop at the Lomography branch in Tehran, teaching students the techniques of analogue film development and film's characteristics, both in colour and black and white.

Lomo Color.jpg
Lomo BW.jpg

Summer Course
Analogue Photography

I taught a summer course of analogue photography and development of films at Amir Kabir University of Technology in 2018.

Amir Kabir 2.jpg

Interview Podcast
Art, Aesthetics and more

This was an interview with the Radio Nist podcast, reflecting on art, literature and aesthetics. (in Farsi)

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