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Scented Rooms

The vision of bringing life into the theatre again and making it accessible, made me think of recreating its space in another place so the audience can  once again go inside it. Not being able to scan the rom again or record any measurement, I decided to recreate the theatre in the form of reconstruction. The aim was to create a huge Peep Box that can let the audincego inside it. There's an interesting metaphor with the name  of the machine, Peep Box that refers to the  story of Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom which in many ways can be read as a political story. * This exposition included reconstruction and sound installation. The aim was to take the audience back in time and space through an immersive analogue technique. * This installation was first exhibited at Swedish Film Institute in June 2022, as part of my master’s thesis at Stockholms University of the Arts.

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Day for Night

Due to the analogue photography implement, sometimes occurrence (chemistry) precede the photographer’s consciousness so that the objective reality (physics) changes into the other one. In such a case, the photographer minimizes his distance  to the surrounding reality and plays his role just until the moment of capturing the  image. In better words, from the moment of shooting to the final stage of developing process, the photo is living and changing. This phenomenon allows me to go beyond a mere record the reality but to capture  something beyond my consciousness, or even beyond the environment. In my opinion, celluloid film can resemble an alive human being which memorizing pictures in their memory relating to their emotions and feelings. The photos of the so-called series were shot by using an expired small format film.

The exhibition was held at Ag Galerie in Tehran in 2019.

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Like a Good Kid
Online Exposition

While Like a Good Kid short film was screening at the Cannes Film Festival, Cinefondation competition, the festival exposed my series of photos from the film set on their official website.

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Lunch Time
Festival Exhibition

As a nominee of the best still photography at Nahal Student Short Film Festival, a series of my still from the Lunch Time short film was exhibited during the festival in 2018.


Finding Farideh
Iran Newspaper

While Finding Farideh was selected by the committee at Iranian cinema to go to the Oscar Academy as the Iranian cinema representative, Iran Newspaper published the news with a still of me from the film on its front page.

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Vimeo Staff Pick
Online Exposition

This still from the Lunch Time short film was picked by Vimeo Staff Pick for an article called Who Does What on a Film set in 2019.

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